Let Your Light Shine

Celebrate and let your light shine this senior year . . . 

The best part of this beautiful prom shot of Julia is the story behind it.  We were taking the standard group prom shots in Westerville when I asked her to pause for an individual shot.  She had just decided to get her bangs cut that morning.  I know in the grand scheme of life this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  But it struck me as BRAVE.  I mean, changing your look the morning of prom?  She was trying something new, and embracing who she is.  The best part– she rocked them!!  Sign me up to hire her right now.

So take a moment to celebrate all those teenagers around you who at some point decide to be bold. Take a risk. Or just let their light shine.

I’d love to document your senior year– it goes by so fast.  Make sure you take a moment to have it captured by Karen Koenig Photography.  Visit my website at karenkoenigphotography.com  to learn more.

Kate Densmore